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    Ostrava City

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    Cultural centers

The cultural center in Ostrava

The polyfunctional central cultural facility was built between the years 1956- 1961 according to the concept designed by Prof. Ing. arch. Jaroslav Frágner. The building was then embodying the largest cultural facility in the then Czechoslovakia. However, after 50 years of its service, the facility object started to dilapidate.

The architectural study attempts to preserve the layout of the author Prof. Frágner as much as possible including the concept of the facade. The reconstruction is rooted in adjusting the technical and operational demands to its present needs. This concerns mainly expanding the space of the entrance vestibule and the foyer and increasing the number of the restaurant and coffeeshop capacity, as well as reconstruction of the theatre and its repurposing, and last but not least creating the barrier-free access. The expansion of the foyer leads to an architecturally more attractive entrance facade made of glass added to the original building. It’s a respectful way of modernizing old buildings while preserving the old construction.

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