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    City of Přerov

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    Cultural centers

City library in Přerov

This concept is rooted in the creation of two characteristically and architecturally different units: present reconstructed building of town hall has in addition a new individual gallery and an interestingly shaped building with a grocery store, pastry, and a city library.

Parterre on the level of the square is part of a passage with a connection to a park. The more dominant role of the architectural impact is transferred to the building of the town hall and the gallery. The building of the library completes the structure of the area. The whole building is sculpturally shaped so that it would create an optically acceptable transition to the higher individual house which does not fit the central zone of the city. The main urbanistic focus is on connecting passageway with a pedestrian route on the square with a peaceful and attractive stay inside the complex and the park. The cultivated green is brought to life with artistic elements and city design and grows into the space of the square with many seating areas and sun umbrellas. The square is then elongated and becomes a dynamic place of the city life.

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