Company Atelier Simona fruitfully completes the visions, wishes, and ideas of its clients since 1992. Its projects can be found all across the Czech Republic as well as in the whole world. The founder of the Atelier Simona, architect Roman Kuba, successfully continues the long-standing family tradition of original architectural creating and honest craft of building (section history).

Atelier Simona focuses on a wide range of various kinds of projects, from urbanism to interior designs. The final drafts speak to its clients through its original architectural work and above standard approach.

Philosophy and vision of the Atelier

We provide complex services, from progressive creation ( architectural models, sketches, visualizations, virtual models, and virtual exhibitions) to a specific project´s documentation completion including the author monitoring all the details of the building.


Atelier Simona wants to offer to its clients not only originality but also creative solutions based on its tradition and experience. In the meantime, the Atelier desires to become a fruitful author of new ideas and use the most modern materials and technologies.


The combination of the two mentioned allows Atelier Simona to harmonically continue in its successful tradition of honest building craft and widen its portfolio and other projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.