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The Relax House The Crab introduces an original concept of organic architecture. The building could be found on a vast garden by the Ostrava- Poruba swimming pool. The idea behind the design comes from the life principles of this sea creature that lives in the rocky hideouts from which it leaves time to time only to hunt. Thanks to the morphology of the given terrain the building is put into a pile (the rock) and the front of the house is directed at the family residence of the owner.

The House is designed as a relaxation place. The interior contains saunas, a jacuzzi, and a swimming pool with a fitness room and relaxation zone. The dominant point of the house is, however, not the wellness, but the wine cellar. The unique space captures your attention right away. The wooden ceiling lining with built-in lights divided into individual shapes, symbolizing the crab’s abdomen surely is captivating.

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