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    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Category

    Administration and multifunctional buildings & hotels

Sky butterfly

The prominent parts of the new center, create an entrance gate to the whole complex- Riyadh King Abdullah 2020- Living desert center. It is a complex consisting of two main buildings, inspired by nature and the creation of a new life according to the motto of the whole project. The buildings symbolize the birth of a butterfly as a majestic butterfly flies out of the golden caterpillar and becomes the main element of the whole complex.

From the purpose point of view, the complex is divided into two main units. The first one is a lower unit, the golden caterpillar, designed as a shopping mall and multi-purpose center with many attractions such as ski areal, ice links, bobsleigh iced track, big aquarium, waterfalls…


The taller building, the majestic butterfly is designed mainly as a luxurious hotel with all the necessities for relaxing, conferences, dining, and more. The top of the butterfly also serves the purpose of a cable car starting station that connects the two buildings.

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