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    In progress

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    Beirut, Lebanon

  • Category

    Apartment buildings

Phoenix Tower

The Concept of the high-rise building in Beirut has been placed on the corner of the streets of Damascus and Armouni. The building itself symbolizes by its shape the form of the mythical Phoenix bird. The embodiment of the Phoenix is applied in the whole building- The roof construction is made of wings, the facade in the apartment areas evokes the impression of the Phoenix´s breasts and the parterre symbolizes the claws.

Moreover, this shape is not only an esthetic solution but also allows the building a comfortable layout of the apartments with a spacey terrace. The common areas with elevators and staircases could be thanks to the shape of the building placed to the center of the layout and allows exactly two entrances to two apartments per floor. Above these floors is rooftop addition, a luxurious maisonette. This addition is simultaneously creating the most dominant element of the building, the wings. The parterre of the building is designed for commercial and office spaces and in terms of shape solutions, the regularity makes the building fit perfectly to the space dedicated to it. The architectural solution of the parterre is therefore mostly based on the concept of the details of the glass facade complemented by atypical oblique columns.

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