• Client

    City of Ostrava

  • Year


  • State

    Concept – competition draft

  • Location


  • Category

    Administration and multifunctional buildings & hotels

Polyfunctional House in Biskupska street

The interest area is located in the center of Ostrava, connected to the pedestrian zone between the Masaryk´s square and the Miloš Sýkora bridge. It borders the 28. října, Kostelní, and Biskupská street. From the historical point of view, the area is located on the trade route from the duchy of Těšín through the bridge of the Ostravice River and to the city fort with the main gate located in the northeastern side of the oldest religious building, the church of St. Wenceslas from the first half of the 13. century.

The concept of the administrative trade building respects the shape and the location of the parcel. The whole focus of the concept is on the rounded edges that gradually create a wave effect along the building up until the southwestern part which is of a simpler shape to fit in between the other buildings. Considering the chosen shapes, the building is significantly dynamic but still aligns with its surroundings. This makes it the most dominant building around. The materials used are just as much adding up to the effect, the glass facade allows direct contact between the life in the building and outside of it.

Its dispositions and placement of the main entrances are simultaneously creating an effect of an entrance gate for a possibility of more activities in the surrounding areas which gives the place an attractive glance.

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