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    3E PROJEKT, a.s.

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    Administration and multifunctional buildings & hotels

Trade and Social Center Odra

The concept of the complex Odra accepts the current dispositions of the object by preserving the building object in three individual functional units. The function of the building is a combination of trade, commerce, entertainment, free time activities, and restaurant areas with great attention to an architectural detail atmosphere and focus on the individual activities so the visitor can discover new places every step of the way.

Trade-wise – the social center is viewed as a local shopping mall, social center with free time activities for the whole family and it uses the potential of 14500 residents of Výškovice and theoretically for 120000 residents of Ostrava-Jih. It is accounted for the fact that a higher percentage of the visitors will be walking to the place rather than driving. The building object should attract more visitors but also expand the free time activities prospects in Ostrava- Jih.

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