• Client

    City of Ostrava

  • Developer

    SEKYRA Group, a.s.

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  • State

    Concept – competition draft

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Nová Karolina

There are not many places in Europe, where it would be possible to build in the center of the city vast architectural and cultural heritage for the next generations. The new city center by Karolina is supposed to engage with the character and life of the city. It should not create an overwhelming competition for the present historical center, however, its architecture and urbanism should follow the modern world examples.

The conceptualized solution contains mostly accommodation with a severala number of various functions such as services, primary schools, kindergartens, galleries, restaurants, administrative buildings, hotel, relaxation zone, and sports areas. The parking will mostly be underground so that there are not many cars parked in front of the building complex. Apart from the mentioned, Nova Karolina could also be a part of more of a regional or statewide center (university campus, indoor sports centers, and cultural and social buildings). The idea behind our solution is to have a logical traffic system of public and private transport that would not interrupt the squares in between the buildings but would lead towards the historical center. The whole area would open up to the riverside where the concept counts with smaller apartment buildings which should lead to more cycling paths and pedestrian zones along the river. One of the crucial parts of our concept is the art that would be placed outside but also inside the buildings. An interesting building will be the designed gallery which would be partially submerged underground. People could enjoy events on each story thanks to its glass see-through ceilings. In the center, from the Slezskoostravský castle and Frýdlant bridge is a conceptualized 90m dominating feature that contains restaurants, administrative, and apartment areas. This dominating feature is styled as a mining tower with modern architectural elements, symbolizing the regional history. The solution as a whole targets a logical and non-invasive inclusion to the city center. Moreover, the main focus is on the high level of the architectural quality of each individual building.

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