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From the urbanistic perspective, this attractive location as a vast area could potentially become an important and highly functional addition to the center of Ostrava and the city as a whole. The strategic location within walking distance from the center of the city, neighboring the Nova Karolina area, and Černá Louka area would actively transform the Dolni Vitkovice and allowed the development of the city on the area of 83 ha of land.

The Urbanistic concept includes, due to its functionality, multiple individual areas. The stadium is conceptualized as a buried object in the mass of soil so that the approx. 30m high piles of mining waste can be used and enforced since they are highly unstable so the stadium would be approx. 2 to 3 above ground floors and it won’t disturb the terrain in such an invasive manner. From the northern part, the stadium is attractively opened to the Frýdecká street and dedicated as a terrain dissection for VIP or the “vstup borců”. In the middle of the area is located the most technologically demanding part and so the place would have been used for vast parking spaces with the capacity of all the visitors of the stadium and visitors of the NATO Museum. In between the parking and the Frýdecká street is designed an amusement park with a roller coaster or a Ferris wheel on a hill in the middle of the parking lot with other free time activity attractions. The whole concept is approached as a free time activity center for whole day activities within walking distance from the center of the city.

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