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    Apartment buildings

The walking houses

The completion of the block of buildings in the historical zone in Frýdek. The inner courtyard is limited from the northern side of the Na Blatnici street, from the southern side it´s Na Půstkách street, from the western side it´s Hluboká street and from the eastern side, it’s a new road between the streets Na Blatnici and Na Půstkách. The urbanistic concept accepts the building lines of the current building object, includes the current stone wall, and follows the given parameters of the height of the object.

The location of the place is near the historical center of the city, on the pedestrian way connecting the center and the Kaufland store. Its height category decided about the urbanistic model of two multi-tenant buildings with a common inner courtyard. The composition consisted of two multi-tenant buildings, building A (4 story building) and building B (3 story building), the inner courtyard is adjusted to parking as it is paved and surrounded by the stone wall. Everything is completed with green areas available partially for the public.

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