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    City of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Enterteitment park – OCTOPUS

Tourist attractions are the most important element when it comes to tourist destinations. They provide the main reason and motivation for tourists to visit. The future mass amusement destination will most likely become Asia. Big cities such as Shanghai, Hongkong, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapur, Macao, and Jakarta are already building new integrated centers: theme parks, shopping malls, hotels, casinos, and museums of the new generation.

Despite the fact that this branch means enormous investment, many countries still more and more consider amusement parks as an instrument for attracting visitors to their cities.

The theme parks consist of spaces where children and adults can escape reality through an environment inspired by famous literature, movies, and television shows. This has its roots in amusement parks, which has been a source of active gaming, through which all age groups have an opportunity to forget their daily rituals and participate in a direct play, thrill, and challenge. However, even then the parents often stay observing instead of directly participating.

The main difference between the amusement park and the theme park is the function and form. Children are attracted to the concept of theme park since the theme park allows them to live in their imagination and pretend to live in nostalgia and exotic fantasy.

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