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    University of Ostrava

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    In progress

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    Schools, education

Foundation of sport and behavioral health

University. Sport. Centre of the city. From these three main criteriums originated the concept of the building Foundation of sport and behavioral health. The building is designed to be located behind the A. Dvořák´s Theatre on the left side of the river Ostravice. Its placement is creating an imaginary expansion of the city borders as well as it allows students and residents of the city to spend their free time productively in the newly found city spaces.

The dominant aspects of the building are obvious at first sight. The staircase, situated in the central part of the building, connects public spaces in the front of the building and the rooftop outdoor playground. One of its other functions is a lounge from which one could watch all kinds of cultural events held in front of the building. The indoor athletic oval inspired by the American university standard is yet another dominant element that sticks out of the unified mass of a building. Aside from its primary function of a running track, the oval also contains laboratories where detailed research of movement apparatus is going to be held. And last but not least, the building will contain a multipurpose gymnasium, climbing wall, aerobics, gymnastics and fitness room, classrooms, staff offices, and a lecture hall.

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