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    VSB – Technical university of Ostrava

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    Schools, education

Completion of the planetarium complex – The moon

The architectural concept came from the idea of the Space and all that surrounds it. The building resembles by its shape a spaceship floating through the area. The individual shapes are highlighted with reusable materials, mostly glass, and steel. The second floor of the building is approached with the concept of the surface of the Moon, therefore the design follows the idea. However, the shapes do not only represent the formal character of the facility. The whole building obliges all the regulations and fulfills all the needs the facility might have.

The interior of” The Moon” is followed by the architectural vision of the complex as a whole. On the first floor, space is dedicated to the seminars and social events, the second floor is purposed for the meetings and maintenance rooms. Thanks to the modern technologies which are designed into the interior, the building gives the impression of a mysterious discovering of the unknown of Space. Its innovative design that inspires curiosity, is exactly what university and education in general needs.

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