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    City of Ostrava

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    Concept – competition draft

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Car park building

The Car park building is in its core designed as a compact matter. To lighten the form of the compact cuboid, the facade appears to be opening up to the surrounding areas. The dominant aspects of the facade are the vertical gardens with the aluminum plates from Corten. The facade of the main frontal side is highlighted by its glass edges, dedicated to the tenant areas. Thanks to this the main entrance stands out as it is placed into a green lining of the vertical gardens.

Other than the esthetic advantages of the vertical gardens, the Car park building benefits the area´s microclimate, decreases the costs of reconstructions, and reduces the input of energy as well as purifies the surrounding air from dust and toxic particles (for instance CO2) and absorption of water.

Watering of the green vertical gardens of the flat rooftop is based on the circulation of the rainwater, occasionally partially the water pipe water. Rainwater falling onto the rooftop would water the planted greens and afterward flow away through vertical parts and water the vertical gardens. The water that would flow through the facade would then flow into a retention tank, where it would be kept and later reused again through a pump.

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