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    MUDr. Tomáš Cigánek a MUDr. Hana Cigánková

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Dental Park, Vítězná

The assignment given by the investor was to create a modern stomatology center, that would respect the newest trends and will implement new energy-saving technologies including the installment of the “decorative” ventilation to achieve maximal comfort. Special attention was dedicated to achieving the optimal ergonomy of the individual offices.

The outer look was not disturbed by the investor, however, the entrance solution was changed so that the entrance is adequate to the use and the fact that the entire constructions were to be replaced. Simultaneously, small replacemnts were done on the roof in order to place there the new technologies, but just so the original feel of the building is not changed. The original layout did not match the concept of a modern dentist clinic. That is why all the non- barring walls were removed and new wooden portals were added. The basement was deepened and newly repurposed into a staff space and maintenance room. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor are used as a dentist clinic, orthodontist clinic, and a lab. The building also contains a small apartment for visiting medical experts.

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