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    City of Ostrava

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    Concept – competition draft

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Memorial of the Czechoslovak pilots

The memorial of war veterans is divided into four equal diagonal parts. Three sections are covered with dark green granite and are devoted to the victims of WWI, WWII, and the victims of modern war conflicts.

The frontal section is covered in white textured granite and is devoted to the living heroes. The area of this section is at the same time a spot for wreaths and flowers. Other parts of these square floor plans are used to plant flowers as an annual ceremony for all fallen heroes from all war conflicts. Above the square floor plan is a truncated pyramid made of the white textured granite and in its peak is placed a glass lighting tricolor as a symbol of Czech nationality. In general, the approach is based on the symbolism of the chosen materials, shapes, and three sides of the built-in floor decorations (tulips, field poppy, and roses).

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