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    HOMOLA a.s.

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    Administration and multifunctional buildings & hotels

Climbing city hotel

The climbing city hotel is a building concept consisting of two different elements that reflect on two different functions of the complex. The body of mass in Vratimovská street is purposed for accommodation and social events. That is why it is divided into three sections that are all partially turned in an angle from their centerline. The facade, thanks to the three turned bodies, visually looks airier and reflects the purpose of the building.

The other half of the building contains two atriums, which allows the sunlight to enter the center of the building and makes space more open. This section was meant to be a sports center with a boulder and climbing wall.

This part of the building neighboring the industrial premises is designed in a simpler manner in terms of shape and material. The dominance of the street facade is supported by receding rooftop on the 7th floor which is thought of as an apartment area that capitalizes on the view to the Beskydy mountains and Ostrava city.

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